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What You Can Expect from Chiropractic Care

Irondequoit Chiropractic CenterIf you’re new to chiropractic, you may be wondering what to expect throughout each phase of care. What kind of pain can a chiropractor treat? Will a chiropractic adjustment hurt? How long must a patient commit to receiving chiropractic care? Why might someone seek chiropractic care in the first place?

Common conditions that a chiropractor can treat include back pain, neck pain, headaches, radicular pain, carpel tunnel, weakness in the arms or legs, protruding discs, elbow pain, knee pain and ankle injuries. Some patients also look into chiropractic care prior to having back surgery in order to seek another option.

On the first visit, patients can expect the doctor to perform a comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal examination, reviewing MRIs, X-rays and diagnostic reports as necessary. A chiropractor may also order his or her own X-rays to find the source of neuromusculoskeletal discomfort and pain. Once the doctor has determined what the problem is, they’ll normally recommend a treatment schedule of care, which may consist of visits over a couple of weeks to see how the patient initially responds.

During the initial appointment, a chiropractor may render some form of treatment, which can involve traditional chiropractic care and various physical therapy modalities, such as heat, ice, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), cold laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, traction, decompression and massage therapy.

Irondequoit Chiropractic CenterAfter the acute phase, or the period when symptoms are the most severe, chiropractic care will enter the corrective care stage. During this second phase, chiropractic visits will become less frequent, as the patient has less pain and discomfort. Instead of focusing on treating the symptoms, patients in the repair phase will work on rehabilitating muscles around joints, increasing spinal stability and improving strength.

The third and final stage of chiropractic care, the maintenance care/wellness phase focuses on the prevention of reinjury. Throughout the wellness phase, patients will receive periodic examinations to ensure they’re maintaining their health. Depending on the patient, the doctor may recommend ongoing treatment or release them from care.

Going beyond treatment, chiropractic care takes a holistic approach. From bed and pillow advice to exercise protocols to nutritional recommendations, a chiropractor can help make lifestyle adjustments that improve your overall wellbeing.

Located at 2164 Hudson Ave. in Rochester, NY, Irondequoit Chiropractic Center offers a full treatment consultation for patients during their initial visit, and they’ll implement a treatment plan that offers a first step on the road to recovery. Learn what to expect from the chiropractors at Irondequoit Chiropractic Center by contacting the office at 585-467-7070.

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