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Work InjuryA workplace injury can result in back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle tension and more that may disrupt your daily life. In addition to the pain, patients often struggle with related legal and insurance issues at the same time. The staff at Irondequoit Chiropractic Center will help you navigate the complexities of a work place injury, while developing a comprehensive treatment plan to help you regain your health and return to work.

Thorough Workplace Injury Claims Management

As you navigate the Workers’ Compensation process, rest assured that the staff at Irondequoit Chiropractic Center will advocate for you. We will document your injury correctly throughout the entire process to ensure the board recognizes the extent of your injury. We maintain a close network of attorneys to help pair you with the legal counsel you need along the way and can recommend a primary care physician to manage your injury and necessary refferals.

Work injuries can cause a great deal of stress, both on and off the job, but our staff is ready to minimize these difficulties and make the process easier for you. We coordinate with your attorney, insurance company and medical specialists to deliver the best possible medical outcomes, allowing you to focus on recovery.

The Path To Healing

Instead of a temporary fix, our practitioners focus on addressing the cause of the problem. To uncover this, every patient is fully evaluated on the first visit. You can expect the following:

  • Complete family and personal medical history review
  • Neurological and orthopedic examinations
  • Analysis of your diet, weight, sleeping habits and posture
  • Spinal palpation
  • Gait analysis
  • X-ray/MRI review
  • Foot scanning
  • Muscle testing

With our expert, multidisciplinary team of chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists, we’ll devise a personalized treatment plan for your work injury to help alleviate pain and improve function. Over the course of your treatment, we will periodically re-evaluate your injury to be sure your goals are being met and your concerns are being addressed.

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Not sure if a chiropractic consultation is right for you? Since Irondequoit Chiropractic is a portal of entry care provider, we’re often the first stop after an injury at work. We consider every aspect of your health and help optimize your body for healing.

With a relaxing atmosphere and attentive staff, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the care we provide. Schedule an appointment today at the Irondequoit Chiropractic Center in Rochester, New York.

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